Remembering “Momma Dove”

No cash, flowers or cards are necessary. Her arrangements were planned in preparation for a very beautiful ceremony in Hendersonville, Tennessee alongside her husband, Joe Charles Dove.

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a small donation to the charity of her choice, which is The American Heart Association of Tennessee on her behalf.

Contribute here: The Carole Dove Memorial Donation Fund

Carole, “Momma Dove” was one of the most enthusiastic, loving women anyone has ever known. Her sense of humor was surpassed by her love toward each and everyone she ever met. Loved by so many, her loss will be felt throughout the Nashville community, and the world.

Carole Ann Dove, passed away due to contracting the Covid-19 virus on November 21st, 2020. She is survived by her loving family, daughter Tamanie (Tami) Dove, daughter Cynthia Cothron and Michael Dove. Carole was known on Music Row as “Momma Dove” and was personally responsible for the success and reputation of many well known and loved country music and internationally known mega stars, far too many to mention. Her husband, Joe Dove passed in 1994 from heart disease, and since then her dedication has been focused on supporting the well known national organization, The American Heart Association.


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