ISSA TV on Roku, ISSA Magazine, and now ISSA Radio! More exposure for our members!

The International Singer Songwriters Association, Inc. ™ is extremely proud to announce the addition of ISSA Radio! The Official Radio Station of the International Singer Songwriters Association, Inc. ™

Worldwide REGISTERED ISSA members may submit original music, broadcast ready, professionally mixed, mastered and metatagged MP3s directly to ISSA Radio by completing the submission form here:


send your original broadcast ready, professionally mastered, properly tagged with appropriate metadata MP3, along with the following information:

(All fields must be complete so that we may share this with the listeners)

1. Artist or Band Name

2. USA City and State or INTL City State and Country

3. Artist Email

4. Artist Logo or Artwork for Track

5. Artist Promo Photo

6. Song Title

7. Song Genre (All Genres Accepted)


Here are two FREE MP3 tag websites you may use to tag your tracks:

We are delighted to introduce Dennis Harpmon as the official ISSA Station Manager, and we are confident that his contribution will play a significant role in the yearly expansion of the ISSA Radio Station.

ISSA Radio is a fully licensed station and will provide a 24/7 broadcast stream with ISSA Member tracks playing 365 days of the year. (LIVE365 also reports royalties to all major professional rights organizations for artists.)

Congratulations on becoming an essential component of the ISSA Movement with this significant milestone addition, enabling ISSA members to further elevate their music careers!

Click on the link below to add ISSA Radio to ALL of your devices!

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