The ISSA Victory Lap

When asked, “What did your ISSA win do for you?” these are some of the testimonials that ISSA Worldwide winners have contributed. We love to help them celebrate by creating this “Victory Lap” page so they may share with future ISSA Awards winners.

Mark Ware 2023 Gold Winner – Male Music Video Of The Year

Charu Suri – USA

I will definitely say that winning Entertainer of the Year Gold changed my life. I got interviewed by major press in India and my recent album even topped the charts there. The visibility and exposure were immense!

Constantine Ikonomopoulos – Greece

At this year’s ISSA awards I was awarded for the first time as an international male rising star. It was a great honor for me as a first-time performer in the physical competition, everyone hugged and applauded me in this family. My recognition has become better in Greece after my award. Thank you, ISSA family!

Christy Fisher – USA

I won “Female Album of the Year- Silver” last year …I have had great write ups; that particular album has soared in CD sales ….and it’s pretty awesome to honestly write “award winning singer/songwriter “as a tagline to all your gig promotions … Thank you, ISSA for opening some doors!

Jennifer Mlott – USA

From the very moment I discovered “ISSA” and enrolled to become an official member, my life changed. I have met so many incredible friends who I now call family. It is without a doubt so unbelievably important to have a strong foundation for your music career. You have to have the understanding of business, the support of your fans, family and friends, and the confidence to keep pushing ahead. I am so grateful to be a part of ISSA because it has given me the foundation to find other indie artists who are passionate and are pushing their boundaries to pursue their dreams. ISSA has taught me important fundamentals to guide me towards success. Receiving awards is always an incredible feeling when your hard work is recognized but ISSA isn’t just an awards ceremony. It’s a family and it’s a wonderful tool for any indie artist at any stage of their career. Because I joined ISSA I have met friends from all over the world and have gained so much knowledge to further my music career. I have been able to gain followers not only from my local market but also from all over the world. I have created friendships that will last me a lifetime and have been given opportunities to my career due to receiving “Entertainer of the Year” in 2021 and other awards. Recently I’ve accepted my first Record deal, been on “The Nashville Sign” to promote my music and been given all kind of opportunities to perform all around the Midwest. I have been given the opportunity to perform on “NBC’s Nashville Roadhouse” in Branson, MO this October and I will be opening up for “Shenandoah” this November in Clintwood, Virginia. My music career has grown so much and I’m so thankful to Tamanie Dove for giving me the tools to build a strong foundation for my music career. ISSA is an awards show and a tight knit community. The recognition of receiving an award is gratifying, but the friendships I have made because of ISSA is something I will forever be thankful for.

Caitlin Mae – Wales

Winning Gold at The International Singer-Songwriters Association meant expanding my fan base not only in my home country but also in the USA! My award win led to additional interest in me as an artist and also to winning additional accolades internationally. My career has gone from strength to stronger and I’ve recently signed to a fantastic Management company and been given opportunities on bigger and better stages in the US and Europe. I love my ISSA family and will always be immensely grateful for you all and the friendship I’ve forged ❤️🎶❤️

Catilin Mae, 2 x International Winner

Rylee Nicholson – USA

I have been blessed to have won four ISSA awards. My first award came in 2019 for Male Vocalist Of The Year (Bronze). The following year, I was honored to bring home the Male Rising Star Award. In 2021, I won Songwriter of the Year (Silver), and in 2022, I took home my first ISSA Gold Award for Male Vocalist of the Year (Gold). I honestly can’t say that it was one specific award that has helped my career; it’s the combination of all of them. Since I became a member and award winner for ISSA, I have had some amazing opportunities open up for my music career. The latest achievements include cutting a song written by Alan Jackson & Jim McBride. I am about to be in the studio soon to cut another song by Jim McBride and the late Hall of Fame songwriter Charlie Craig. It’s not only the awards that I think have boosted my career, but just having the honor to be picked for an award by this prestigious association is incredible and a game changer.

Linda Marks – USA

My win has definitely added momentum to all the projects I am involved in. In Atlanta, I was fortunate enough to connect with Mark Rosner and am now a BIG Records artist. My 9/29 release was on Sony Orchard through Big Records and I have great support for my 1/1/24 A Recipe For Hope album.

Roberta Scime – Italy

Well, it helped me to be more known and let more people be aware of my achievements outside Italy!

Zandra Arnold – USA

After my wins my fan base increased It allowed me to become known globally and open doors to new opportunities, connections, interviews, magazine features, newspaper article, my Awards led me to additional accolades internationally and global radio awards, songwriting awards, and so much more! thank you ISSA!! The best is yet to come!

Imran Ahmed – Pakistan

After my win , a huge thing happened which I’m going to share it soon, lets just say if it wasn’t for my ISSA win, it wouldn’t be possible, I’m grateful to International Singer-Songwriters Association and Tamanie Dove for everything you do for the indie artists around the globe! The professionalism and the 24/7 support we get is absolutely amazing!

Brad Flame – Russia

An article about our band was published in the most circulated rock magazine in our country due to winning at ISSA Awards.

Worldwide Recognition

Mark Ware – USA

Opened doors and connected our team with wonderful people. #ISSAROCKS

Scott Stephenson – aka Cozmic Debris

Our Day One association with ISSA has certainly played a big part in our success over the years. This most recent ISSA award got us some great attention in our local market, and it is probably no coincidence that we’ve seen exponential growth since the awards show.

Aira Winterland – Brazil

More people, especially musicians, getting know about you. And just to know and to be with another great musicians is wonderful for me. In fact, I write songs since my teenage…I have more than 20 álbuns released and i never made success in financial terms of musical business or ….as I said. Just to be here is good…and I have been winning in the last three editions of the ISSA Awards to me is an inner realization. I’m from Brazil and see my music receiving respect from great independent Musicians is my prize. 

Mike Burt (Limberlost) – USA

Well where do we begin. Most of building a successful brand is about networking and resume building. The ISSA awards of which we’ve won 2 have helped us in both areas. Since winning our ISSA awards for Best Album and Best Band we have hit several major milestones in our career as a Rock Band. Two nationally charting singles, sharing stages with major Rock artists including our upcoming UK/EU Tour with Yngwie Malmsteen in some of the most iconic theaters in Europe and building a team of giants around us. The ISSA awards is in our opinion, one of the most important building blocks for an independent artist. Check out our post ISSA resume at

Dina Lynn – Scotland

My last album was released on the ISSA label. People are awestruck when you say you won Gold in Atlanta. I have an upcoming gig in Ireland!

Sonny Morgan – USA

Not sure what the exact reason that has caused my success in the music business. I think it’s a total compilation of everything from song writing, to my band, to my producer to all of my promoters and of course my awards. To be an award winner certainly helps build a faithful and loyal fan base and sure gets the attention of the industry.

Mark Rosner – Canada

These in was a source of incredible inspiration and a feeling of recognition. It opened up an amazing group of likeminded artists and partners.

Muriel Bessman – France

Thanks to this award I could develop new partnerships for My Indie Radio with amazing hosts & podcasters. This also brought me new customers for my PR management activity webimagineservice. So once again 1000 times thank you so much for having believed in my projects. I will also continue for paying the memory to my very first supporter Juan Cabrer who always encourages me from the heavens.

Randie O’Neil – USA

After my win, I was asked to host a show on Blast Music 24/7 so you can find me there Monday night 7 eastern “on the Ranch with Randie O’Neil”. We talk about all things Country Music with various indie artist.

ISSA TV Channel on ROKU

Gary Matheny – USA

I have recorded 8-10 songs in Nashville, charted one song #1 on 5 different stations and another song #1. It has allowed me to become known globally and opened to the doors to interviews, Magazine features and much more!

Joel Treece – USA

I’ve had one of my songs #1 on ITUNES in Brazil #2 in Denmark #5 Germany #11 Italy and #24 in Australia. I also had a few # 1’s in the UK and Canada.

Cindy Nene – Ivory Coast

For My Husband whom I manage from Cote d’Ivoire-Ivory Coast .his Trophy was delayed by 5 months therefore couldn’t do the radio or TV interviews. But on a personal feeling it was overwhelming and great Event being our first out of Africa .in the USA. No matter the delay .it still gives a determination to go forward every chance we get .ISSA is a wonderful platform we appreciate. Success as an Artist committed to bringing our dreams into reality to be nominated and win was a dream come true .

Andrew Dean – USA

ISSA membership, winning awards, and now becoming an official ISSA Representative has added value to my music career. It has helped us secure new bookings, numerous interviews, leading to expanded fanbase, more radio airplay, collaborations with other ISSA members (winners), let alone life-long friendships that I truly cherish the most. It is now my mission and goal to spread that added value to others and help in their Success Story.

Destiny Band Oz – Australia

Certainly winning an ISSA Award helps your profile as an artist. We are lucky enough to have won 3 Gold awards and we were front page news on our regional newspaper for our first win and have also had many press articles from other publications about our subsequent wins. The mileage gained from social media posts about our success (even from the nomination stage -ie our posts about the competition and voting etc.) was also invaluable to our profile as it kept interest from our supporters (and others) when you have something to post about and the wins add to your bio when you send songs to radio stations for airplay consideration or to venues for seeking live performance opportunities. So we think it definitely translates to helping your career! And we are so happy to be members of the ISSA and are very grateful to Tamanie (and in awe of all the work she does!) and the International Singer Songwriters Association and reps for all the opportunities afforded to members! 

Paul Jupe – United Kingdom

After Winning my award I gained more fans in the UK and USA and got asked to do magazine interviews

John Vargas – USA

Well first off, my son David Vargas and I had an awesome time attending the ISSA Awards in Atlanta in August. It was incredible to meet Tamanie Dove and several ISSA Members (reps, composers and artists). Award winner or not – networking at ISSA events is a wonderful experience. We won the Male Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award (bronze). It has been amazing showing the award in promos on our social media sites. Also I think it really helps to open doors with ISSA supporting radio stations around the world. David and I feel truly Blessed to be members of the ISSA family 😀🎶

Phil Kranz – USA

I won gold in 2020 and bronze in 2023. I’ve been involved with ISSA since it’s beginning. Since winning, my followers have increased substantially and I’ve met so many great artists. Thank you for the best indie platform out there!

Cheryl Nye – Canada

Yes, absolutely! I’ve been so blessed to win 4 ISSA awards, and each time I was able to be mentioned in the newspapers. It is definitely a “tangible” metric of success that can be shown anywhere. I have it mentioned throughout my website, and I can showcase it behind me when I do radio interviews. They are a blessing! Thank you Tamanie for this association that you and your mom have masterfully created! It’s been an incredible help in every way!

Cheryl Nye – Times Square Billboard

Josh Bearden – USA

Yes it has helped me a lot I’ve had more shows more radio time on Fm Radio and tv interviews thank you Tamanie Dove for all you do for us!

Rick Snider – Canada

Winning on 2 separate occasions has boosted me on a couple different levels. First, it really made some people take notice of my music, and doing so it increased my followers and music sales. And second and equally important, it helped build my confidence to a point where I was going after opportunities that I previously may have shied away from. I will always be grateful for these reasons, and many more. Thanks, Tamanie and The ISSA!!!

Brauninger McDaniel – USA

I’ve won songwriter of the year before, including Gold female singer of the year. World songwriting songwriter of the year and this past year Multi Genre. I have been in the newspapers several times and on the radio as well. So blessed to be on Nashville’s Channel 4 local television show and much more. ISSA has opened many doors for me since joining and winning. Thank you Tamanie Dove for all you’ve done for me throughout the years 🙏

Tara Kye Maines – Canada

Amazing things happen when doors open after being nominated and winning awards! Congratulations to all who worked hard to create this event, who were nominated and who won. It also makes a difference for being able to get international work visas!

Deby Kelley – USA

I won emerging Artist of the year, and Now I am co-writing a song with Roy August!

Rob O’Mara – USA

My 2 ISSA wins opened the door to making many new connections with fellow singer-songwriters, radio station owners from all around the world that I have gotten to co-write, record and distribute with. An explosion of radio play, interviews and magazine articles. And, above all, I was given the honor to hear & discover so many talented artists of all walks and ages, during the judging process. In the end, it gave me renewed vigor & validation in singing, writing, recording and releasing my music. Heck, I even got to be a North Jersey Rep for ISSA! Much Love to my ISSA Brothers & Sisters! 🎼❤🎼

Demi Michelle Schwartz USA

I made the cover of my local newspaper, got invited to be added to my middle school’s wall of fame, and got lots more press and airplay opportunities.

ANSLOM – Papua New Guinea

Anslom is now set to be one of the world’s biggest reggae acts thanks to ISSA awards, his management Bassline and international associates. An album will be released in collaboration with Legendary Bob Marley’s Band “The Wailers” early next year with a whole year of tours in 2024 along side many legendary reggae acts such as Maxi Priest, Big Mountain, Third World, Shaggy and the list goes on. Through the ISSA awards his government has now recognized his work in the music and have put all their support behind him because what Anslom is doing promotes the country of Papua New Guinea through music tourism. Thank you Tamanie Dove and ISSA. And may God continue to bless you and team.

Corey James Grubb – USA

Magazine features, more recognition, raised my prices for gigs.

Shawn Adams – Canada

I have had alot of local press.Both Radio,paper and on line.Being an award winner is really boosting my career!

La La Musiq – USA

For me personally, it is confirmation and affirmation of me as a songwriter and as an artist! I feel it has open doors for me to be taking seriously as an independent artists! Yesterday’s prices aren’t today’s prices!! I know my worth!

Gary Pratt – USA

Not only does it help it gives an artist a sense of accomplishment and living a dream!

Chelsea Rae – USA

After winning female emerging artist of the year- silver. I got featured in the November issue for TuneNation Magazine, more recognition and more streams on my songs and got asked to do some podcasts and my song has played on more radios. I am so grateful. I’ve also been nominated for other awards. 🙏🏼❤️ thank you Tamanie Dove for all that you do!

Rollin Jewett – USA

Having won three ISSA Awards now (Male Emerging Artist 2020, Male Single of the Year 2022, Best Song Arrangement 2023), I can truly say that the positive impact has been substantial. Because of my relationship with ISSA there has been increased recognition and interest from promoters, DJ’s, interviewers, podcasters, magazine and news features, music collaborators/peers, extensive radio play, and simply more opportunities in general to proliferate my music and increase my fan base. What ISSA offers, no other music organization can duplicate: support on a very personal level from a founder (Tamanie Dove) who really cares and takes the time to listen and communicate, unequaled peer friendship and camaraderie among great artists who truly inspire and support one another, and fantastic first class events and promotions, among other things. Can’t thank this organization enough for the wonderful supportive musical family it has brought together. Getting involved with ISSA has been an exceptionally rewarding experience in every way.

Ricky Davis – USA

Winning a silver for Male songwriter of the year 2020. Bronze Male single of the year “Hero’s Dream”2022 and Best Song Breakdown 2023! Met so many amazing Talented artists! Collaboration with some of best!!!Fan base is doing great because of ISSA, with 110 songs on all platforms! Tamanie Dove, I would not be where I am today without your support!

Dimitris Nezis – Greece

Winning, especially “Gold” this year as ‘Male Vocalist” and being recognized for the 4th time in total by Issa Awards ,automatically made me more recognizable to the American public, with dozens of radio and magazine interviews being requested,

but also did many acquaintances with people from the music industry, who are interested in collaborating on big projects soon. I am proud to belong to the Issa family and always will.

Christopher Brown – United Kingdom

It’s early days for Sun-Pinned Leaves Christopher Brown and Neil Faulkner having just won our first ISSA Award August 2023. However, since August it’s noticable that two publications and a Youtube site have wanted to do interviews (with our old hometown newspaper wanting to follow our career going forward). It’s made it possible to get played on some new Indie music stations and eased the way in for approaching others. As others have said the ISSA Family is also about supporting one another, respecting the dreams and talent of other artists. I told my friends and family that I was attending the awards in Atlanta to meet fellow internatonal independant artists, enjoy their company, maybe learn a bit and celebrate being picked for the finals as it may never happen again. The shock of me and Neil winning still hasn’t gone away to be honest.

Todd Apfel – USA

In just two months since my award I’ve had so many doors open that before remained closed. Here’s just a few examples. When I contact a venue and give them my EPK which leads off with my award it immediately gives me credibility. I’ve had numerous people contact me for consideration to collaborate with them on projects. I’ve also been contacted by a couple of festivals contact me for next year. Not to mention the great exposure I’ve received from the local press to receiving recognition from our Governor to both Senators that represent our state. And this scratches the surface of the great things that are happening in just two months. Finally I have to say as someone who didn’t expect an award, the feeling that happens inside when you do win a prestigious ISSA award can’t be put into words! Thank you ISSA and Tamanie for all that you do for all of us, whether we’ve won an award or not. You make us all winners!

Jimmy Allgood – USA

Well I must say being a Gold winner has really helped in big ways I can’t explain just look at my Facebook page! But I can say this; I’ve gotten a lot of major meetings with Atlantic Records, Capitol records and I’ve gained more International fans and followers and ISSA has really been great in providing Artists with helpful tips and advice to getting our music out there thanks!  Tamanie Dove