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What is a Performing Rights Organization?

A Performing Rights Organization (or P.R.O.) helps songwriters and publishers get paid for the usage of their music by collecting one of the most important forms of publishing revenue: performance royalties.

As a songwriter, composer, or lyricist, you’re owed what is called a “performance royalty” any time your music is played on radio stations (terrestrial, satellite, and internet), used on TV shows or commercials, or performed in live venues.

Those performance royalties are paid by radio stations, venues, and TV networks to Performing Rights Organizations like ASCAPBMISESAC, and SOCAN (in Canada) who then distribute the money to their affiliated songwriters and publishers.

For a complete list of copyright collection societies worldwide, click HERE.

Performing Rights Organizations collect:

* performance royalties for publishers and songwriters

Performing Rights Organizations do NOT collect:

* mechanical royalties

* sync fees

* digital performance royalties associated with the creation of a master recording (paid by SoundExchange to labels, session players, etc.)

How can you make sure you’re getting paid ALL the publishing royalties you’re owed?

If you’re  affiliated with ASCAP or BMI, they’ll pay you performance royalties, but you’d be leaving your mechanical royalties on the table — since it is not their mandate to collect mechanicals.

Should I copyright my song?

Many professional songwriters don’t copyright songs until they begin earning income. The reason is both cost and time involved.  Non-professionals often copyright their songs due to fear of infringement (their songs being stolen). Again, this can be expensive, but if it makes you feel comfortable, you can always exercise that option by visiting www.copyright.gov.

How do I get my songs published?

Getting your songs published through a successful publishing company is a process; a series of steps that requires knowledge and preparation. Focus on writing the best songs you can, getting better at your craft, learn all you can about the music business, and plug yourself into the songwriting and music industry community. Due to legal issues, publishers cannot take unsolicited material, material from someone they don’t know or that they didn’t request. Publishers do have their own staff writers and the only other sources that they will take songs from are known or legitimate sources like. The first steps simplified would be to: 1) Join ISSA 2) Join one of the performing rights organizations (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC) 3) Invest in music business books that deal with publishing to get acquainted with how it works. Publishers will require complete songs (words and music). Make certain that when you get an opportunity to play your song for a publisher, your song is complete and competitive in the marketplace.

Radio Stations want MP3s that are meta-tagged, what is that?

Radio Stations want your MP3 track professionally mixed, mastered and metatagged. (The three M’s) We can help! Radio Ready, our affiliate will process your mixed MP3 track, and master it for maximum professional volume levels, while adding metatag to it so that radio stations will have what they need when you send it, and therefore are more likely to play it. (It’s $15) Click here for their Facebook link. RADIO READY


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