The International Singer Songwriters Association, Inc. now has our own Television Network Channel on ROKU, and we are so very excited about this new expansion of our platform. This project will give ISSA members a direct presence with TV viewers across the world.

If you have a smart TV with a Roku account, you will be able to see our artists’ music videos from your own television. Use the following link to add our channel. Or just search for ISSA TV on your Roku device.

****Please do us a favor and RATE our channel once you have added it to your account by clicking on the FIVE STARS at the top of the add channel page.****

The link to add our channel from your LAPTOP computer using your Roku account is:

You can type this link into the address bar, add our channel, then open ROKU on your Smart TV. You will need to go to SETTINGS, then SYSTEM, then SYSTEM UPDATE to make sure our channel is added to your TV Channels.

Roku is currently available in:

United States – Argentina – Brazil – Canada – Chile – Colombia – Costa Rica – El Salvador – France – Guatemala – Honduras – Ireland – Mexico – Nicaragua – Panama – Peru – United Kingdom

Languages: English – French – Portuguese – Spanish

What is so exciting about this project is, that as Roku expands into other countries, so does our demographic reach along with our efforts to get your music heard and shared, therefore increasing your fan base and ultimately boosting your music career.

If you are an ISSA Member, and you would like to have your professionally produced music video considered for our channel, please send your submissions to our production team.


You will need to submit the following in order to be considered for broadcast:

Per video content uploaded: (Provide YouTube link only)

1. The category the video will be labeled under. (one word only)

2. Video Title.

3. A detailed 200 character description of the video content that’s being uploaded.

4. One thumbnail photo of the video content-  Provide 1920×1080 JPEG or PNG files. Include the Title and your name on this photo thumbnail only. No other logos.

5. Copyright owner information per video content.

PER ROKU: No LIVE videos, CELL PHONE videos, LYRIC videos, ANIMATED videos, SLIDE shows, STOCK FOOTAGE videos, or NON-PROFESSIONAL video material will be considered. Only high-end professionally produced videos by a professional videographer will be accepted by our production team, and ultimately by Roku.

You will receive an email of confirmation once the video has been accepted. If you do not receive an email from our production team, your video was not approved. This could take up to thirty days for approval.

Email to:

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR VERY OWN TV CHANNEL ON ROKU, please contact our Television Network Expert, Justin Ray Williams, at You can also visit his website at

See you on TV!

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