2020 ISSA Awards Winners

All of our finalists were met with some serious challenges this year, not to mention the worldwide pandemic that spread across the globe. We are so very proud of our finalists and our winners, and pray that next year will a bit easier on everyone.

2020 ISSA Awards Winners US

Entertainer of the Year

Gold – Cliff Wheeler Band

Silver – Black Cadillac Kings

Bronze –  Jay Ricochet and the BFD

Female Vocalist

Gold – Brauninger McDaniel

Silver – Jennifer Mlott

Bronze –  Montana Modderman

Male Vocalist

Gold – Rob O’Mara

Silver –  Brian Hedges

Bronze – Steve Douthit

Female Rising Star

Karoline Rhett

Male Rising Star

 Rylee Nicholson

Young Adult Artist

Gold – Sydney Irving

Silver – Rylee Lum

Bronze – Trinity Rose

Vocal Duo

Gold – The Cranberry Merchants

Silver – Ginger Grace / Backhand Sally

Bronze – Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

US Band of the Year

Gold – Limberlost

Silver –  Nashville Non Prophets

Bronze –  Cheering Tokyo

Album of the Year

Gold – Lisa Mitts – The Breakthrough

Silver – Trenton Chandler – Ten Steps From Tootsies

Bronze –  John David Schrader – 21 Summers

Band Single of the Year

Gold – Who Shot Lizzy – I Don’t Give A Damn

Silver – Night Owl Country Band – Made In America

Bronze –  Chris Jones Band – I Still Do

Female Single of the Year

Gold –  Alena Rae – Always Let Go

Silver – Rhonda Funk – Someday

Bronze –  Zandra Arnold – Work On Me

Male Single of the Year

Gold –  Dustin Chapman – Plus One

Silver – Jason Ray Welsh – Lies In You

Bronze –  Randall Rutledge – Me And Southern Comfort

Female Songwriter

Gold-  Jessie Lynn

Silver- Clare Cunningham

Bronze- Lora Ann Pine

Male Songwriter

Gold – Bobby Johnson

Silver – Ricky Davis

Bronze –  Geary Nelson

Music Video

Gold – Sera Bullis – Bus Stop

Silver – Aubrey Wollett – Better On The Beach

Bronze –  DethCadence – Blood Money

 Female Emerging

Gold –  Tracy Cruz

Silver – La La Musiq

Bronze – Ashley Walls

Male Emerging

Gold –  Dylan Swinson

Silver –  Chris Johnson

Bronze –  Rollin Jewett

Radio Station

Gold – Phil Kranz – Black Dog Indie Country Radio

Silver –  Jeff Rickett – Cowboy Joe Radio

Bronze –  B.C. Lee –  Florida Country Radio

Sound Engineer

Ben Travis

Promoter of the Year

Angela McGowan


Corinne Dean

US Rep of the Year

Brian Fagan

Humanitarian – Necay Howard

Team Recognition – Patty “Rose” Zeller


Entertainer of the Year

Gold –  Destiny Band Oz

Silver –  Vladislav Yermachenko

Bronze –   Steve Newsome

Female Vocalist of the Year

Gold – Alexandra Hainsworth

Silver –  Jimena Arroyo

Bronze –   Cheryl Nye

Male Vocalist of the Year

Gold – MJ Smallman

Silver –  Danny McMahon

Bronze – Chris Andres

Female Rising Star

Nina Flaaseth

Male Rising Star

Daniel Agyin

Young Adult Artist of the Year

Madison Mueller

Vocal Duo of the Year

Campbell & Green

Band of the Year

Gold -The Winachi Tribe

Silver – Crest Glider

Bronze – Shelly Jones Band

Album of the Year

Gold – Ashley LeBlanc – The Luckiest Girl In The World

Silver – Billy Bray Band – Strong and Forever

Bronze – Gil Fourny – Music

Band Single of the Year

Gold -Folarin & Keziah – Relentless

Silver – HFDT & Jai – Wanna Be Your Lover

Bronze – Skuve- Within Our Reach

Female Single of the Year

Gold – Rachel Mason – All Talk No Action

Silver – An Vedi – Dancing Around Fire

Bronze – Peggie Nora – This Girl Means Business

Male Single of the Year

Gold – Paolo Nunin – Maybe Because

Silver – Rick Snider – The Road

Bronze – Johnny Westwood – Rain In Tulsa

Female Songwriter of the Year

Gold – Fiona Ross

Silver – KitCat K

Bronze – Julie Ludgate

Male Songwriter of the Year

Gold –  Jamey Barron

Silver – Davey Anscombe

Bronze – Samuel Alexander Barbour

Music Video of the Year

Gold – The Winachi Tribe – Funky But Chic

Silver –  Madison Mueller – Exhale

Bronze – Ashley LeBlanc – Rain

Female Emerging Artist

Gold – Mikalyn Hay

Silver – Hilde Vos

Bronze – Herborg Torkildottir

Male Emerging Artist

Gold – Jamey Barron

Silver – Twizm Whyte Piece

Bronze –  Ivar Sigurbergsson

Radio Station of the Year

Gold – Frank Hammer – Radio Country Road 58

Silver – Colin Pettitt – Iam4U Radio

Bronze – Chad J Country – Spectrum Internet Radio

Sound Engineer of the Year

Antonio Vergara

Promoter of the Year

Robert Steiner

Humanitarian of the Year

Dina Lynn