ISSA Records Gold Met 2

In March of 2020, the International Singer Songwriters Association formed it’s own Independent Record Label. The vision for this endeavor is to help ISSA artists and members gain visibility and reach, within the ISSA worldwide network, and is completely privately funded by Tamanie Dove, ISSA’s founder and Director. 

In this new venture, artists will have new music tracks distributed for FREE through the ISSA Record Label, in a non-exclusive contract arrangement. Various volumes of ISSA Artists’ Collections will be created, and available for purchase on all major retail outlets. Artists will supply PRO information and all sales from any projects on the label will go directly to our artists.

As we grow, and continue to gain notoriety in the music industry worldwide, we plan to support and promote our artists the absolute best way we can. This is another example of our efforts to shine our light on these extremely talented artists.



Purchase: “Zeros & Ones”, Michal Towber, Brian Hodges 

Purchase: “No One’ll Ever Love Me”, Tammy Renee

Purchase: “You Promised”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “Outcast Dreamer”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “Live And Learn”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “What If”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “Times Like These”, Rylee Nicholson

Purchase: “Higher”, Lisa Mitts

Purchase: “What I’ve Waited For”, Lisa Mitts

Purchase: “You Don’t Wanna Talk About It”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “Three Sheets To The Wind”, Rylee Nicholson

Purchase: “The Long Way Home”, Jason Ray Welsh

Purchase: “These Four Walls”, Lisa Mitts

Purchase: “Senses”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “Eyes On You”, Jennifer Mlott & Hunter Lott

Purchase: “Draw The Line”, Lisa Mitts

Purchase: “Did You Find Jesus In Nashville”, Dina Andrews

Purchase: “Boom”, Rylee Nicholson

Purchase: “Fly Away”, Lisa Mitts & Brandon Bee

Purchase: “Write The Wrongs”, Jason Ray Welsh

Purchase: “American Dream Gone Wrong” (feat. Holly Nicole Combs, Mitch Laney & Ben Travis) Rob O’Mara

Purchase: “The Naked Truth”, Dina Andrews

Purchase: “Trouble Time”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “Let It Go”, Jason Ray Welsh

Purchase: “Firestorm”, Jennifer Mlott

Purchase: “Barnyard Boulevard”, Rylee Nicholson

Purchase: “In A World (Without Merle)”, Rylee Nicholson


Gold level winners each year have access to this level of distribution. Please provide us with:

  1. Your NEW music track, ready for distribution. (Mixed and Mastered) Both MP3 and WAV format. 
  2. A CD Cover Art format for iTunes and Spotify, 2000 x 2000 pixels in high resolution  
  3. The email address association with your PRO (BMI, ASCAP or other)
  4. Song lyrics should be included in your email with the track to: 
  5. Please specify a Release Date for us when sending your song

100% of your Royalties will come to your BMI or ASCAP account associated with your email address, and we are more than happy to make this happen for you. Congrats on winning Gold!

We also create an Official Press Release for you once we get things in motion for you.

Your ISSA Team