ISSA Award Winning Artist, Dawn Rix receives Lifetime Achievement Award

COLUMBUS, Ind.—Dawn Rix continues to shine in her musical career, most recently accepting the Who’s Hoo Country Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. Who’s Hoo highlights top independent artists, with this year’s ceremony taking place in Columbus, Indiana.

Founded by Matt Lee, member of the Night Owl Country Band, Who’s Hoo offered recognition to singers and songwriters at the later October event.

Rix, who was named Female Vocalist of the Year last year, was humbled to be recognized with the Lifetime honor, although she said in a recent interview that she wondered if the nomination and selection was some kind of sign that she is done with her career. She said as much in her acceptance speech at the awards presentation.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh dear heaven, do they know something I don’t know?’” she laughed, adding that she wondered if it was a hint that she should move aside for younger artists.

But Rix is far from finished with her musical career, or with any other number of goals and dreams she has set for herself.

“Every year I set goals, some are short term and some are long term,” the West Virginia native said, adding that in just the past few months, several of her goals have been reached. Among those is the release of two Christmas songs as well as the publication of her first children’s book, “Yes, Yes You Can.”

When speaking to the Lifetime Achievement recognition, Rix pointed out that it’s not about the win, but more about the nomination that resonates with her.

“It is the acknowledgement of the work,” Rix said. “What a nice thing it is for someone to think about me,” she added as she explained that she hopes that she is an encouragement to others.

“My dad used to tell me, ‘There’s nothing in this world you can’t achieve,’” Rix said in her acceptance speech in Indiana, adding that he told her, ‘Just do it.’ She went on in her comments to tell those gathered to never throw in the towel.

“Your gift is from God,” she told those entertainers in the room. “To withhold that would be selfish and none of us is selfish,” she continued. “Whether you are the underdog or the old lady in the house, you matter,” she said.

Having such faith in herself has led Rix to achieve one thing after another in her life. Her song “Worlds Collide,” recently earned the silver place as Single of the Year by the International Singer-Songwriter’s Association (ISSA).

Rix also recently collaborated across the world with Greece artist Dimitris Nezis, who recorded Rix’s song, “All That Matters.” She shared that he traveled to Atlanta for the ISSA awards, where she was able to meet him in person and share with him a billboard promoting the song.

Rix continues to move forward reaching goal after goal, and always setting additional ones for herself. When the recognition of her efforts comes from fans, friends or organizations, she accepts it with grace and love.

“It’s a big deal for me,” she said at the Who’s Hoo awards. “We don’t know what tomorrow holds for us and if someone says that their life is better because you were in it, that’s an ultimate achievement,” she said.

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