The ISSA Awards

Already planning for the 2021 ISSA Awards!

ISSA Awards Winners 2019


We are be putting together a YouTube broadcast with acceptance speeches from our 2020 award winners, along with some performance footage from our various winning artists.

At present, we are scheduled to resume our Awards Show next year,

on August 7th, of 2021.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We look forward to shining our every growing spotlight on this year’s winners!

All tickets purchased may receive a complete and full refund, or may be held until next year’s event. Our ticket rates will remain the same for next year. 

All performers scheduled to perform, will remain on the program in their respective performance events for next year. 

The 2019 and 2020 ISSA Gold Winners that will be judging the 2021 Awards are are follows:


*ISSA is a free platform to singer songwriters and musicians worldwide. There will never be a fee to join. Our organization prides itself in providing year round visibility for our members across various and vast social media platforms. Free promotion, free support, free management tools and much more. Countless hours are spent making sure that ISSA is prominent in all realms of internet promotional sites, with music industry resources and in coordinating day to day communication, support and promotion with our artists and members.
*Being a well known international music organization, ISSA is widely recognized by industry insiders, giving legitimacy and credibility to those serious about their craft. Winning one of our crystals, your reputation as an independent artist will stand out across cultures in this worldwide platform.