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Dusty Leigh Huston is an Idaho native and named after her mother’s favorite band, ZZ Top’s bassist, Dusty Hill.

Dusty Leigh grew up with humble beginnings in a family where music was an endless flow of country greats, and Rock Gods of the ‘70’s & 80’s. Dusty Leigh began belting out tunes from the likes of The Judd’s, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks just to name a few. Dusty Leigh is a woman who embraces various music genre’s forward progression and is confident in what she wants to say. Dusty Leigh’s beginning is not one of traditional means. Idaho isn’t really known for a succeeding music scene, especially in the ’90’s. Young, inexperienced and full of stage fright, Dusty Leigh performed at every local and state fair, karaoke contest, and radio station talent show to be found. Developing a solid foundation derived from gritty ballads, intoxicating melodies, and broken hearts– woven into cheeky anthems and lessons learned. No matter what Dusty Leigh sings, it comes from a strong will and a life peppered with struggle, tragedy, and drive.

Dusty Leigh was hell bent on one day hearing her name called from The Opry Stage, but it was during her mid-teens that Dusty Leigh tragically lost her mother. Dusty Leigh kept the faith and hammered down, though it would be years later that she found her place in the music world, anyone that knows Dusty Leigh knows she refuses to take life lying down.

Shortly after losing her mother, Dusty Leigh met her saving grace. Marrying young and jumping head first into Military life, it wasn’t long before she began sharing her gift in every new state and town the military would send them. From weddings, and sporting events, to more talent shows and a happenstance audition on The Voice, Dusty Leigh had accumulated a following of supporters that quickly became like family.

During their last military tour, Dusty Leigh’s husband put together a band, known at the time as Whiskey Creek, comprised of all active-duty military members. The band quickly fell together and pushed Dusty Leigh out of her comfort zone and straight onto the stages surround by thousands. What started out as just and idea, quickly turned into a full-time gigging act that would take them across state lines and straight into rock-n-roll life.

Though the adventure was short lived, it wasn’t in vain. Leaving military life after 15 years and moving back to Idaho, it wasn’t long before Dusty Leigh’s itch to be on stage again set in. Through endless pleading, two of Dusty Leigh’s original band members packed up and moved out West to kick start what was known as Dusty Leigh & The Claim Jumpers. DL+CJ quickly became a sensation, garnering thousands of dedicated followers and passionate friends that stand behind and drive some of the band’s favorite originals like “AdriAnna”– a heart-string ballad written for Dusty Leigh’s daughter, and a pleading love song titled “Behind The Whiskey”.

The summer of 2019, Dusty Leigh was signed to EMG Records with legendary Producer, Chas Childers. Wasting no time, song selection began and it was like a wildfire to full-fill Dusty Leigh’s childhood dream of releasing her first album. After 2020 brought a few setbacks, it was through hard work, strong will, and pure determination that Dusty Leigh released her debut EP, ” Roots & Dreams in February 2021. With a string of two-sided single releases, Roots & Dreams was comprised as a three-volume trilogy that delivered blended country sensibilities with storytelling anthems.

2021 brought huge changes for Dusty Leigh, wanting to be closer to her label, and positioning herself to be involved in the Nashville music scene, Dusty Leigh packed-up her entire life and left Idaho in pursuit of chasing her dreams on a much higher level. And it’s proved to be a step in the right direction. Settling in Chattanooga, TN, Dusty Leigh wasted no time forming another band and setting out to play new venues and making new fans!

In addition to settling into her new home town and gearing up for a busy spring & summer touring schedule, she’s also steadfast on completing her sophomore album, “The Hell I Won’t”, Dusty Leigh has enjoyed writing new songs that resonate things from her past in hopes that her fans will relate to what drives her to continue fighting for this dream; despite the struggles and setbacks stemming from the on-going pandemic.

Dusty Leigh has a gift for delivering honest and emotional material. Her vocals blend naturalistic lyrics with country-music ideals and draws listeners in using heart-felt melodies and genuine emotion that she herself has lived. Describing her upbringing as one stemming from “humble, but tragic beginnings” each song she sings is truly hand-crafted and recorded to portray life’s joys and struggles, all of which Dusty Leigh hopes her listeners can relate to.

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