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The International Singer Songwriters Association was founded by Tamanie Dove, a singer songwriter from Nashville, now residing in Atlanta who is dedicated to supporting and serving independent artists, and encouraging aspiring and professional singers and songwriters in all genres of music worldwide.

When often asked what the benefits are to your FREE membership, the response is simply this;

The benefits of joining ISSA as a valuable platform are;  networking with other industry professionals and constant support from our administrators and team members, just to name a few.  When you register with us, we receive your email address, and with that information we promise to keep you informed of relative and important ISSA updates, events and announcements. You will never receive spam mail from us, nor do we send out repetitive email blasts. So, it’s not just bragging rights, being an affiliate or member of a great supportive and informative organization full of industry peers, it’s also the opportunity to stay informed about inner workings and association news and information with regard to our group and the music industry as a whole.

Testimonial about our Admin, Jon KT Lindley, from our member, Gregg Wietstock:

Jon KT Lindley helps in so many ways. There is comfort in knowing someone who encourages rather than discourages a passion for work that an artist knows too well to be viewed as less than ideal. But here is a whole community of supporters and advocates. There are some in the group who have achieved success in battling the odds, who are willing to freely help with positive, practical advice and assistance. The bare minimum, laid on the table to qualify for nomination is an honest challenge to those who are seeking to better themselves as an artist. Whether nominated or not, this necessary basic qualification elevates the participant to be recognized as serious. The company of others who are working for a common goal, genuinely encouraging, collaborating, empathizing, congratulating each other. Attending the awards show and parties, being around those who have achieved a certain level of success as Indie Artists just by being there, is an exhilarating energy vortex that is beyond description. I cannot thank ISSA and all other groups and Indie supporters enough for the new renaissance that I feel within myself as an artist. All advocates of Indie Artists need to band together in support of the artists, not compete. The name Indie means independent, it means non exclusive, which is inclusive. An Indie artist needs to use every avenue available to overcome the imbalance of potentially accessing fans and those who would benefit and appreciate their work. Thank you ISSA for being an avenue for artists. I am excited about writing my songs again, and for that I am eternally grateful.

A little about the Founder:

Tamanie Dove grew up back stage at the Opry. Her mother, Carole Dove having worked at Tree Publishing, which later became Tree International and now Sony/Tree, took little Tamanie with her everywhere, including business meetings, performances and homes of some of the most notorious names in the music business.

Many years of loyal friendships with some of the most famous singers and songwriters in Nashville, the US and abroad, have been the most rewarding part of her newest conquest; beginning this new chapter to help others like her and assist those aspiring to achieve their dreams.

Mama Dove’s” expertise in the music business on “the row” , having worked with greats like Buddy Killen, Curly Putnam, Jack Stapp, and with clients like Roger Miller, Randy Travis, Sawyer Brown, Little Texas, Dr. Hook, Faron Young, and many more, have proven to be such a blessing and a life lesson for Tamanie, and she believes in paying it forward, and does often.

Having written and recorded over a hundred original songs in the last three years, with eight albums attributed, she’s showing no signs of slowing down. Her incredibly versatile and talented sound engineer and son, Matt Mercer and she have collaborated on most of her works that can be found on worldwide social media.

Tamanie wants to help everyone,…all the time. From taking on this vision that can benefit all independent artists, to licensing its trademark and investing vast amounts of personal time and money into making sure there is fairness, integrity and professionalism.



Our latest ISSA theme song, a collaboration with over fifty of our worldwide member singer-songwriters is available for purchase here, on iTunes and most major music retailers. All proceeds from the sale of this single will benefit the Global Hunger Relief Fund.


An ISSA worldwide member collaboration effort to benefit the Global Hunger Relief Fund



Our first ISSA theme song, a collaboration with twenty four of our singer songwriters, called “Modern Day Shakespeares” is available for purchase here, on iTunes and most major music retailers.  All proceeds from the sale of this single will benefit the Global Hunger Relief Fund.

“Modern Day Shakespeares”

An ISSA worldwide member collaboration to benefit the Global Hunger Relief Fund



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