The 2021 ISSA Collaboration Theme Song is Born!

GUESS WHAT? OUR 2021 ISSA THEME SONG IS BORN!”Celebrate Together” Matt Strader came up with the title. Thanks Matt!It is in production in Nashville, and the winning lines that we were able to keep the collaboration on the theme target were contributed by the following ISSA member songwriters: Alexander Jarvie, Alyssa Ruffin, Candy Carpenter, Clare CunninghamGary Savage, Matt Strader, Michelle Storm, Nina Flaaseth, Peggie Nora, Rachel Mason, Shelly Jones, Stevie Walton, Tamanie Dove, Tara Kye, Thomas Green, Tim Lim and our very own Tony Olson, of course. Thank you all so much for your contribution to our 2021 ISSA Theme Song, “Celebrate Together” Stay tuned for instructions, should our strong singers with recording equipment wish to help us record it. If you have already performed on a previous theme song, we ask that you kindly let a new member step in. These theme songs just keep getting better every year!!!

All proceeds from any sales of this song are contributed to the Global Hunger Relief Fund based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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