We are hard at work,  planning for next year’s ISSA Awards.

For artists wishing to participate, please know that the following requirements must be met in order to self-nominate during the months of January through March of 2020. The month of April is reserved for fan based voting and will result in the top 15 finalists in each category.

  1. Artists must produce proof of at least FIVE (5) songs available for distribution through iTunes, Spotify or other major distribution outlets.
  2. Artists must have a dedicated music profile website.  For example: http://www.JoeSmithMusic.com

(Facebook pages, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube or profiles do not qualify.)


You have time to create your winning songs, build your fan base, and GO FOR THE GOLD!



The 2019 Gold Winners that will be judging next year are:

Ava Paige
Arnold Connelly
Bisola Imam
Cat Beach
Chaz Farkass
Chris Kirby
Chris Leslie
Colton Cori
Damian Wyldes
David Finlay
Dina Andrews
Emily Lockett
Esther Van Kommer
Guy Paul Thibault
Hughes Taylor
Isaac Banks
Junior Turner
Keith Spinney
Lizzie Miller
Lucas Ciliberti
Marc Hansen
Mariel Morgan
Matt Hansen
Melissa Ramski
Michal Towber
Nathan Ames
Phil Narmada
Randall Griffith
Rick Landstrom
Scott Stephenson

Gold winners will receive free admission, may present an award, and become eligible to perform.  They will be heavily involved with the show, just not as a participating finalist for the following two years. This allows other members to have an opportunity to take home and ISSA Crystal.

Gold Winners judging, will receive ballots with our Top 15 finalists names and song information to decide who our 2020 winners will become.



Musicinfo announces partnership with ISSA, the International Singer-Songwriters Association

Musicinfo extends its hand to all the singer-songwriters of the world by becoming an official sponsor and partner of the International Singer-Songwriter’s Association or ISSA. This is the place where singer-songwriters and industry professional come to acknowledge and support each other’s musical endeavors and achievements. ISSA’s prestige is represented by a global international community of caring like-minded professionals sharing their knowledgeable feedback and constant assistance. It has
built a network of over 60 approved radio stations ready to share your voice and music.

The hard work of all its members are highlighted in an annual awards ceremony that will be held this year on the 3rd of August. Musicinfo advocates the vision of ISSA and supports this movement by giving all the Gold ISSA Awards winners our Gold distribution plan to establish their music in China. It is essential for musicians to look over the fence beyond their own backyard to new venues and avenues to undiscovered audiences in the globalization of the music scene. The norm will get you only so far and
needs an extra hand to push your presence outside the box. Most typical Western social media and streaming services such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, are forbidden in China and therefore not getting you and your music to a potential audience of over 800 million listeners. The package includes, 20 releases, which can be an album, an EP, or a single. You will keep 100% of your royalties, get detailed streaming and sales reports, and two hours of professional consultation with industry professionals ready to help you move to the next level.
The benefits of joining ISSA as a valuable platform are: networking with other industry professionals and constant support from the ISSA community, just to name a few.  It’s not just bragging rights of being an affiliate or member of a great supportive and informative organization full of industry peers, it’s also the opportunity to stay informed about inner workings and association news and information with regard to our group and the music industry as a whole.
Musicinfo your way into the Chinese market, and is now an official and exclusive ISSA partner, providing ISSA members a way to get your music into China. We are very excited about this opportunity for you, and for ISSA in being able to give all our members the opportunities that they need and deserve in getting their music heard on a global level. Even if you don’t win a gold award this year at the show, ISSA members will receive a tailored distribution plan when they join the Musicinfo community. “I am very excited in continuing our international expansion to be partnering with Musicinfo, to offer our members opportunities to establish their presence in one of the fastest growing music market, China. With this partnership, ISSA members now have the ability to reach over 800 million new listeners and distribute their music to main digital music services in China,” said Tamanie Dove, Founder of the International Singer-Songwriters’ Association. “We are proud to announce our partnership with ISSA, and be recognized as an essential advocate by providing access to the Chinese music market. Our visions are in line to propel our artists’ careers to a global level while establishing a strong community from which we can grow,” said Kari Hattunen,
Founder and CEO of Musicinfo.