Thank you for following the ISSA blog. We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we appreciate you, and that we are continuing to ask for prayers for those in need during this pandemic. Our thoughts are with those first responders and front line management who continue to unselfishly provide their services in light of the extremely dangerous situation, now worldwide.  ISSA will continue to provide daily support for our members online, and hope that this will all be resolved very soon. God speed.

Do you have a new song that you just finished? You may want to have a checklist handy that includes the following, so that you are prepared when promoting, submitting to our radio stations, or need to reference song information at a glance.

Song Title – Complete title of your song

Songwriter(s) – Any and all songwriters that have contributed to the song

Split Sheets / Credits – Confirmation of any percentages required by contributors

Publisher –  The publisher for the song

Copyright – Register the song with

PRO – Register the song with a Performance Rights Organization (BMI, ASCAP, etc.)

Distribution – Purchase a distribution package from a Distributor (CD Baby, DistroKid, etc.) which places your song on various platforms for purchase (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora)

Create Metadata – The genre of the song, along with the key, tempo and length and descriptions and artwork design

Radio Stations –  Submit MP3s to approved radio stations

Social shares: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reverbnation, YouTube

Have available ISRC, UPC, and ISWC Codes



Have questions about anything on our checklist? Please don’t hesitate to ask and we will be more than happy to assist you!


Please let us know if  you would like an excel spreadsheet version, and we will be glad to email you one, something like this:

Song Checklist