2019 Awards Show

The 2019 ISSA Annual Awards Show will be held in one of the largest, busiest and most prestigious cities in the world, Atlanta, Georgia.

This luxurious venue, a formal red carpet event, will provide an outstanding entertainment experience, and tremendous exposure for some of the world’s most dedicated and talented independent artists and you won’t want to miss it!

A few details:

  • There will be two nomination forms available online beginning January 1st of next year, and nominations will be accepted through March 31st.

  • One form for US artists and One form for International Artists.

  • On May 4th, we will announce who made the Semi-Finalist list and YOUR votes will determine who makes it to the Finals. (You will see your progress in the poll results.)

  • Finalists will be announced on June 15th and winners will be announced at the show in early August.

  • There will be only 10 finalists in each of our TWENTY categories, however, we’re doing things very different.

  • Half of our Twenty Categories will merit not ONE, but THREE awards,…. Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • The awards will be all the same beautiful size (a 12″tall solid crystal obelisk) …just with a splash of color. (see below)

  • So, in essence out of our 200 nominees, 50 will take one home! And that is JUST for our US Nominees!

  • Our International Nominees will also have 10 finalists in each category, with more than one award winner per category.


Hope to see you there! If you need our help, we are just a click away!

Your ISSA Team

(Had this protype made for my mentor,….my MOM)  That’s a business card beside it, just for reference.